We have formed alliances with some of our member-associated institutions, a few of which are listed below. Please read about them and if you want to learn more visit any of our partner's websites through the links provided.



"I'm truly excited about the potential of your technology and I'm confident that it is one of the key vehicles we will be able to use to advance IPE/IPC."

Ivy Oandasan, MD, CCFP, MHSc
Director of the IPE Office

More Testimonials

Bridgepoint Hospital

Bridgepoint Hospital is working to "...bring University of Toronto students together with health professionals and patients to investigate new ways to advance interprofessional care and education." Other partners in the project are the Bridgepoint Family Health Team, the department of Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Toronto, VHA Home HealthCare, and COTA Health.

To find out more about this initiative, please visit Teamworks at Bridgepoint Hospital.

Lourdes University School of Nursing

Lourdes University is a small private university in Sylvania, Ohio that offers a range of baccalaureate degree programs. The School of Nursing, being one of the more popular programs offers "... a quality education" to all of their students.

George Brown College

Interprofessional education plays an important part in post-secondary education and "George Brown College is among the leaders in the interprofessional health-care education movement in Canada". The Department of Health Sciences in the college is actively involved in numerous programs that support and promote the need for healthcare professionals to collaborate amongst each other.

Centre for Excellence in Emergency Preparedness

CEEP, the Centre for Excellence in Emergency Preparedness, is a non-profit organization comprised of dedicated healthcare professionals with a common goal to "... facilitate and maintain optimal Canadian health emergency preparedness by providing expert consensus based on evidence and best practice.

If you are like-minded and would like to become a CEEP member please visit them at the Centre for Excellence in Emergency Preparedness website.

St. Michael's Hospital

St. Michael's Hospital "...has a long and proud history of caring and compassion". Founded in 1882, the hospital has "...evolved into a centre for innovation in patient care, teaching and research".


SafetyNET is a recent initiative launched at St. Michael's Hospital dedicated to patient safety. Through education, communication, recognition and reward, the staff at St. Michael's goal is to provide their patients with quality care. If you would like to learn more please pay a visit to St.Michael's Hospital where "Leading with Innovation and Serving with Compassion" is paramount.

Centre for Faculty Development

Established as part of the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine and St. Michael's Hospital's plan to create a program to "teach our faculty how to teach", the centre is committed to faculty development and health professional education. The centre works to help advance faculty careers through career development and mentoring, by strengthening teaching skills and enhancing professionalism and leadership. In the future the centre will "continue to grow rapidly at the cutting edge of innovative teaching and learning."

SWHPN The Social Work in Hospice and Palliative Care Network

The Social Work in Hospice and Palliative Care Network (SWHPN) is " emerging network of social work organizations and leaders who seek to further the field of end-of-life and hospice/palliative care".

In September 2007 SWHPN became the first national organization in the United States to bring together social work agencies and professionals. By working together to improve quality of life SWHPN provides key leadership in hospice, palliative and end-of-life care.

Please visit the SWHPN website to learn more about the network, the leaders and its accomplishments.

University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine

With a mission to prepare "... future health leaders, contribute to our communities, and improve the health of individuals and populations, through the discovery, application and communication of knowledge" the Faculty of Medicine's vision to become an international leader in health research and education is close to becoming a reality.

University of Toronto, Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing

The Lawrence S, Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing "... ranks among the premier nursing programs in the world in both education and research". Offering a variety of programs at the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate diploma levels, the faculty commits to ensure "... that our students have the highest quality student experience".

Office of Interprofessional Education

Interprofessional Education (IPE) in healthcare provides students with the skills necessary to engage in a collaborative interprofessional practice. The University of Toronto Office of Interprofessional Education provides students from different areas of practice with the framework to learn to work together as a team. Individual knowledge, skills and attitudes are enhanced through this learning experience and as a result IPE plays a major role in the student's overall education experience.

University of Alberta - Department of Family Medicine

"The Department of Family Medicine at the University of Alberta manages the largest physician residency program in the province. The department is unique in that it addresses the needs of various at risk populations in the core programs, rapidly moving it towards becoming a leader in primary care.

Connecticut State Medical Society

Chartered in 1792, the Connecticut State Medical Society (CSMS) is the voice of medicine in the state of Connecticut and works to serve both physicians and their patients. With 45 milestones under their belt, from the Physician Licensure in 1793 to more recently becoming a recipient of the Healthcare Disparities Grant, "the Society operates from a heritage of democratic principles embodied in its Charter and Bylaws."

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