What is LinkingHealthProfessionals?

LinkingHealthProfessionals is a collaborative knowledge network, designed specifically to provide healthcare professionals with the means to connect with one another.


"LinkingHealthProfessionals is a technological architecture that enables the health care professional to keep pace with the evolving knowledge mosaic that forms our healthcare landscape. Within our pilot IP Mentorship Initiative, LinkingHealthProfessionals provided the virtual connectivity of mentors and mentees from across disciplines and 2 health care organizations in Toronto..."

Lianne Jeffs, Ph.D.
Director of Nursing/Clinical Research

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Over the few short years since its creation, LinkingHealthProfessionals (LHP) has grown significantly to incorporate additional components, membership maintains a steady growth pattern, and the system continues to evolve as our members' requirements grow. LinkingHealthProfessionals provides online solutions to those trained in healthcare in three major ways:

The Member

LinkingHealthProfessionals provides healthcare members with the tools to get connected with one another, exchange ideas, and collaborate. Each member sets up their profile which the system uses to link mentors and mentees together.

Becoming a member allows you to create your own RSS feeds, send private messages, browse and request to join existing communities and should you so desire, become a mentor or request to be mentored. Members include students, physicians, nurses, allied healthcare professionals and administrators from everywhere and anywhere around the world.

The Community

Communities provide a space where healthcare facilities (universities, hospitals, associations, institutions, etc.) can store and disseminate information to their staff/students/members through their online communities. Every community member has the potential to view news items, add postings, view scheduled events, access the document repository, participate in discussion forums and contribute to the community wiki.

Hospitals and organizations have created communities to assist in educating staff on important healthcare issues such as emergency preparedness and patient safety. The Centre for Excellence in Emergency Preparedness, St. Michael's Hospital, Lourdes College, the University of Toronto Centre for Faculty Development and many more organizations use the LinkingHealthProfessionals community to cultivate a culture of knowledge sharing.

The Modules

Healthcare facilities can provide to a pre-defined population the capability to perform certain functions online, such as submit clinical appointments and evaluations (student and teacher), manage an e-store or conference, and most recently, match teachers with students, manage electives, and provide access to video recordings.

Through customizable modules, our partners are able to provide more efficient and effective means of collecting and dispersing information to all those involved, from students and faculty to, hospital administrators and accreditation boards. Our module partners include, to name a few, the University of Toronto Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, the University of Alberta Department of Family Medicine and St. Michael's Hospital.

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